Public Statement Concerning the Revision of “Vision and Expectations”

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The ELCA Conference of Bishops and Churchwide staff have, for the last year, engaged a process of revision of the church document “Vision and Expectations.” This document was designed and implemented in 1990 as a gate-keeping device to keep gay and lesbian individuals unwilling to promise celibacy from serving on the church’s rosters.

Though the policy was updated in 2010 following the 2009 Churchwide Assembly which passed “Human Sexuality Gift & Trust,” the impact of this document has continued to be a shared, unhealthy ethic of human sexuality that promotes silence, shame, and secrecy for both queer and straight candidates and rostered ministers. This document undermines and inhibits the church’s ability to promote healthy professional boundaries and a responsible ethic for leaders in this church. V&E remains the church’s primary vehicle that promotes discrimination and intimidation of candidates. A new revision of this document has been in progress over the last year.

Leading up to the Fall 2018 Conference of Bishops, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries and our colleagues encouraged the Bishops to open the process by which this document was being revised so that voices of concerned parties could participate in crafting an ethic and standard that reflects the communities it affects. We were encouraged when the Bishops did, in fact, vote to postpone recommending a revision to the Church Council with a motion that recognized the need “that special attention be given to inclusive language and descriptions of life situations and relationships by inviting voices from diverse perspectives.”

We have no evidence that this has happened.

A committee made up of Bishops and Churchwide staff has been meeting to prepare a revision of “Vision and Expectations” to be presented to the Conference of Bishops at their Spring 2019 meeting, starting Friday, March 1st. As far as we know, there has been no invitation to include the participation or voices of concerned parties. ELM strongly disagrees with this course of action and condemns the lack of a promised open, fruitful, and transparent process.

A draft of the latest revision has not been shared with us, but we are deeply concerned about a process that fails to consider the perspectives of those who have been most damaged by our church’s policies around sexuality. We seek to offer our lived experiences and queer wisdom in the creation of a sexual ethic for our church that creates healthy and thriving church leaders, and in turn, congregations.  

ELM calls on the Conference of Bishops to hold your siblings and yourselves accountable to the promise made at your fall meeting to invite “voices from diverse perspectives” into this process of revision. Do not recommend a document that has not been created in an inclusive setting. A failure in a just and open process will result in the creation of flawed guidelines.

To all leaders, lay and rostered, who are concerned members of our congregations and communities: if you value healthy, vibrant ministers, please reach out to your Bishops to express your concern. Documents that promote and call for “holy living and faithful witness” cannot be created only by those who hold power within our institution, the result of this kind of process is colonization and oppression. Trust in our church and in its policies is only garnered by courage and openness to change, and inclusion and diversity – two of the church’s stated values that are seemingly being ignored in this process.

Here is a list of talking points we have created that might assist you in your outreach to Bishops and church leaders:

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries believes the public witness of gender and sexual minority ministers transforms the church and enriches the world. We believe that living into the fullness of who God created us to be is the greatest expression of “holy living and faithful witness” that is asked of us by our Creator.

3 Replies to “Public Statement Concerning the Revision of “Vision and Expectations””

  1. As an LGBTQ+ allie, I support the ELM’s call to include effected persons and diverse voices in the revising of the “Visions and Expectations.” I call upon our Bishop and the Southeastern Synod to support the ELM’s concerns for inclusion in the revision of policy so that we can continue to build trust with our leaders and support healthy, life affirming sexuality for all God’s children.

  2. I’m a lifelong lay Lutheran. I recently joined Christ Lutheran in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago because it is most welcoming and inclusive congregation I encountered on a recent church shopping expedition I found necessary. I don’t know how to contact my Bishop, but I want the bishops to know that secrecy and power-monopolizing exclusivity are counter to everything Jesus laid out for us as “the way.” The way is not darkness, but light. Exclusion is also counter to Paul’s vision of the church. Please do not be foolish enough to accept a V&E revision made by a few behind closed doors that shut out the voices of those who differ. Be the full body of Christ.

  3. Bishop Guy Erwin has posted on his Facebook page a post from the Conference of Bishop’s meeting in Chicago where initial discussion of revising V & E will be taking place. It is a long, involved process, (not unlike drafting a Social Statement) and there will be a place for plenty of public input before a redrafting will come to a vote of the Church Council. Meanwhile, trust Bishop Erwin to carry the ball at this initial stage!

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