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Queer Ministry Leaders in the ELCA

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries organizes queer seminarians and rostered ministers, confronts barriers and systemic oppression, and activates queer ideas and movements within the Lutheran Church.

ELM Endowment Committee Seeking Applications

The ELM Endowment committee is seeking applications for the 2021 grant cycle. Endowment grants support Proclaim members, congregations, and ministries that lift up the LGBTQIA+ community. Grants may be awarded for a variety of things under the umbrella of an applicant’s ministry. For example, the Endowment Committee welcomes applications that allow a ministry to purchase important software, to register for and travel to a training or continuing education opportunity that advances ministry goals, to purchase or rent audio/visual equipment to enhance online worship experiences, etc. 
Do you know a ministry that would benefit from such a grant? Please consider recommending or nominating a ministry to receive an ELM grant by pointing them to the application on ELM’s website or emailing their contact information to the ELM Endowment Committee (elmendowment@elm.org). A member of our committee will follow up with an invitation to apply.
Applications are due September 30th. Application and additional materials can be found at www.elm.org/endowment.
Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries anticipates a church in which queer leadership is valued, empowered, and celebrated: queer-led ministries are dynamic and thriving; all marginalized communities are liberated and honored, and justice flows from the sacraments as they overwhelm us and bring us to life.
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Main Line/Voicemail:  312-759-7070

Email: info@elm.org