Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries believes the public witness of LGBTQIA+ ministers transforms the church and enriches the world. 

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Is your congregation ready?

Have you heard a congregation say they “just aren’t ready” for an LGBTQIA+ pastor or deacon? We say – “Let us help you get ready!”
Call committees and congregations should check out this 6-minute conversation starter about “getting ready” to welcome LGBTQIA+ people into the call process.  Watch and share now!



December 3-5 – Executive Director the Rev. Amanda Nelson will be in New York City
December 12 – Executive Director the Rev. Amanda Nelson will meet with the newly formed LGBTQ Team of the Northeastern Minnesota Synod
December 21 – Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Board Meeting
December 31 – Last day to make your “fabulous” 2017 Gift to ELM!!


January 18-21 –  Program Manager, the Rev. Asher O’Callaghan keynote speaker at the Gay Christian Network Conference, Denver, CO
February 28-March 2 – Executive Director the Rev. Amanda Nelson at the annual ALDE Conference, Minneapolis, MN
April 20-22 – Queer Discernment Retreat, United Lutheran Seminary:  Philadelphia

For more information about upcoming events and visits, please email us at info@elm.org


For a comprehensive list of resources for LGBTQIA+ candidates, as well as candidacy committees, call committees, internship sites, and more, please see our Resource Page.

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Thinking About Coming Out?

Connect with people in Proclaim as you go through the coming out process as a rostered leader or seminarian.


BOOK:  “Dear God, I am Gay — thank you!”

Second Edition collection of essays and sermons by Joel Workin.  Amazing stuff!

Photo by Emily Ann Garcia

VIDEO: A 3 minute video slideshow of the 2017 Proclaim Gathering. Watch here!