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LGBTQIA+ Ministry Leaders in the ELCA

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National Coming Out Day – October 11th – and Clergy Appreciation Month

Three Pride Flags: Bisexual Pride, LGBTQIA+ Pride, and Trans Pride

Join ELM in celebrating and giving thanks for the over 400 Proclaim members who have offered a bold “yes!” to serve God’s wonderfully diverse creation in the fullness of their identities!

October is Clergy Appreciation Month and October 11th is National Coming Out Day – a day when the process of disclosing queer identities is honored and remembered for all of the complexities of joy and pain this process can bear on individuals. For many, the coming out process is one of liberation over fear and control. For many, still, especially our queer siblings who embody intersecting identities, the coming out process is a liminal space with unknown consequences.

The holy tension of these two events sharing a month – Clergy Appreciation and National Coming Out Day – is reminiscent of the tension LGBTQIA+ leaders continue to experience in the church. For some, the experience of “coming out” as both queer and a pastor, deacon, or seminarian is an experience of great joy. While for others, still, the experience is one of pain and frustration.

ELM’s Proclaim community creates space for this tension to be held and addressed. We give thanks for the great diversity of God’s creation and seek to create spaces in the church where that diversity is centered and celebrated!

Join us in marking Clergy Appreciation Month and National Coming Out Day by helping us tell our story and support our ministries!

During the month of October, we encourage supporters to raise funds for the “ELM 50/50 Campaign”- 50% of all funds raised via Facebook fundraisers will support the ELM Annual Operating Budget and 50% will support the ELM Endowment! 

Your Facebook fundraiser could support gifts that will continue YEAR AFTER YEAR through grants from the ELM Endowment benefiting the LGBTQIA+ church community and provide crucial support to the ministries ELM currently engages!

To learn more about how to host a Facebook Fundraiser or ELM’s 50/50 Campaign, email Lewis at lewis@elm.org.

The Netflix series QueerEye features a “makeover” episode on Proclaim member Rev. Noah Hepler, also featured in the episode are Bishop Guy Erwin and Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer! While this is exciting to highlight a Proclaimer’s story with millions from across the world watching & learning, we know LGBTQIA+ ministry leaders often have a difficult faith journey. Which is why ELM has created along with Proclaim member, Elle Dowd, and ministry partner, ReconcilingWorks, a “Discussion Guide”. The guide is for you, your family, or your congregation to help you to engage further with the QueerEye episode. Happy Viewing! 

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries believes the ministries of LGBTQIA+ ministers transforms the church and enriches the world.
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