The ELM Endowment Fund wholeheartedly supports the mission of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries in its efforts to empower and sustain LGBTQIA+ leadership in the church. Endowment disbursements support Proclaim members, congregations, and ministries that lift up the LGBTQIA+ community as well as ELM’s internal programming and budget needs.


The ELM Endowment Fund is a perpetual fund designed to support the current needs of LGBTQIA+ ministers as well as to serve as a wellspring of hope and support for new ministries led by LGBTQIA+ rostered ministers. The Endowment Fund will allow Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries to sustain its support and care for LGBTQIA+ rostered ministers as well as develop new initiatives and widen its reach. ELM’s Endowment Fund will also serve as a partner to the ideas, visions, and dreams of LGBTQIA+ ministers who are experimenting in faith and transforming the church.

Gifts to the ELM Endowment Fund allow donors’ love of ELM and its ministry to continue on forever — long after they are no longer present and able to give annual gifts themselves. This love, present in the ELM Endowment Fund, crosses generations. It is a tangible expression of the saints who have gone on before us, sharing their love with us now and with those who will come after us.

Gifts to Endowment Fund 

ELM graciously accepts gifts designated to the ELM Endowment in the form of bequests and other planned gifts so long as such gifts are consistent with ELM’s values, mission, and ministry as outlined in ELM’s governing documents. 

To have a conversation with a member of the ELM Endowment Committee about a gift to ELM’s Endowment, please email us.

To make a one-time gift to the ELM Endowment, click this link and indicate “ELM Endowment” in the “Additional Comments” section of the donation form.

2021 Grant Applications Now Open!

In 2021, the ELM Endowment Committee is committing 50% of available funds to the 66th Synod Reparations Fund as part of ELM’s commitment to engage in reparative action. This means that $675 is available for grant applicants. Grants could range from $150 to the full amount of $675. Project budgets are particularly helpful as the committee considers partial grants while our endowment is still small.

Grants may be awarded for a variety of things under the umbrella of your ministry. For example, the Endowment Committee welcomes applications that allow a ministry to purchase important software, to register for and travel to a training or continuing education opportunity that advances ministry goals, to purchase or rent audio/visual equipment to enhance online worship experiences, etc. 

If you are applying as an individual (rather than a congregation or ministry), a fiscal sponsor is needed. The ELM Endowment Committee has produced a resource with information to help explain the role of a fiscal sponsor and how you might obtain one (click the link in text or see Resources below “ELM Endowment Fiscal Sponsorship Information”). If you cannot find a fiscal sponsor, the Endowment Committee will make sure a fiscal sponsor is made available to you. The details of such arrangements must be worked out separately for each possible grant, so if you would like assistance finding a fiscal sponsor we ask that applicants email the ELM Endowment Committee to let us know about their individual situation.

Applications may be made by filling in the ELM Endowment 2021 Grant Application (PDF Version). Please email your completed application and the other required supporting documents to elmendowment@elm.org with the subject line “ELM Endowment Grant Application for [Your Congregation/Organization Name]” by Thursday, September 30, 2021. 

Application Materials Required

  • Completed Application Form (ELM Endowment 2021 Grant Application, PDF Version)
  • A program/project budget that show both income and expenses (Program Project Budget Template)
  • An overall congregation/organization budget for the current year (optional for individual applicants whose program/project is not connected to a larger congregation or organization)
  • Flyers, bulletins, brochures, media, etc. that help to highlight the value of the ministry or to generally support the application (optional)

Considerations include alignment of the program/project’s goals with the vision, mission, and values of ELM.

The ELM Endowment Committee will discuss applications at their October and November meetings and will submit its recommendations to the ELM Board of Directors for their December 2021 meeting. The ELM Board Of Directors will approve recommendations at their December 18th meeting. Funds will be disbursed by January 31, 2022.

Please contact us ahead of time if you have questions about the application and/or required budget/financial documents. The ELM Endowment Committee will be happy to review a draft of your application and supporting documents a week or more ahead of the deadline to advise you if the committee is likely to have all of the information it will need to make its decision.

Endowment Resources

Fiscal Sponsorship Information: ELM Endowment Fiscal Sponsor Information

Project/Program Budget Template: Program Project Budget Template