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One Reply to “Get Involved”

  1. Hi, my name is Cindy Myatt, I sent a DVD and pamphlet to you about the science of gender over 2 months ago. I am an Mdiv. Graduate from Wartburg seminary. I’m currently on the roster in Oregon while living in Washington.
    I am deeply concerned about our brothers and sisters in South Dakota. This is an important state to most of our new graduates as the synods there helps our newly called with their student loans; however, when injustices are being played out that will affect our parishioners as well as our new pastors I begin to become more than just worried. There must be something we can do. We aren’t educating the people who need to be educated. I want to help you with this by offering a training on the materials I sent you.
    Please contact me at lulabell62@me.com
    Let’s not just watch the rights of transgender people be taken away, let’s fight with education.
    Peace be with you, Cindy Myatt

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