This list includes people who were members of the ELM Roster at the time of change in ELCA ministry policies in August 2009.  These leaders were either removed from other Lutheran rosters because they were lesbian or gay, or were not credentialed for ministry because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

From 1990-2009, ELM (and its predecessor bodies) made it possible for these gifted leaders to serve as openly LGBT pastors in Lutheran congregations and ministries.  These leaders served the Lutheran church faithfully and were a prophetic witness to a church that would one day welcome and recognize their gifts.

Many of these leaders have been received or reinstated to the ELCA roster since April 2010.

Extraordinary Ordination
The phrase “extraordinary ordination” or “extra ordinem” was coined in 1990 at the ordinations of Revs. Jeff Johnson, Ruth Frost, and Phyllis Zillhart. Former bishop Krister Stendahl used the phrase to describe the way in which the ordinations were occurring outside the ordinary process of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The movement took its authority from Martin Luther’s writing about irregular ordinations in instances where bishops were acting “contrary to the Gospel.”  There were 18 extraordinary ordinations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Lutheran clergy between 1990 and 2009. These ordinations were not recognized by the ELCA prior to 2009.

As part of the implementation of those changes, the ELCA recognized the ordinations as valid and created a Rite of Reception to receive extraordinarily ordained pastors onto the ELCA clergy roster.  We’ve noted the year of ordination for those below who were extraordinarily ordained.

Historic Extraordinary Roster

Rev. Richard Andersen

Rev. Jodi Barry (2008)

Rev. Lyle Beckman

Rev. Jim Bischoff

Rev. Julie Boleyn

Rev. Paul Brenner- (Deceased, February 24, 2013)

Rev. Erik Christensen (2006)

Rev. Cindy Coleman

Ruth Frost (1990)

Rev. Robert Goldstein

Rev. Dawn Gregg

Rev. Lura Groen (2008)

Rev. Nathan Gruel

Rev. Terry Hagensen

Rev. Robyn Hartwig

Rev. Anita Hill (2001)

Rev. Dan Hooper

Rev. Matthew James

Rev. Jeff Johnson (1990)

Rev. Stephen Keiser (2009)

Rev. Lionel Ketola (2008)

Rev. Vince Lavieri

Rev. Jenny Mason

Rev. Ross Merkel

Rev. Craig Minich (2001)

Rev. Jen Nagel (2008)

Rev. Pieter Oberholzer

Rev. Edward O’Donnell

Rev. Arlo David Peterson

Rev. Dale Poland

Rev. Jane Ralph

Rev. Steve Robertson

Rev. Dawn Roginski (2007)

Rev. Megan Rohrer (2006)

Rev. Steve Rosebrock

Rev. Donn Rosenauer

Rev. Jen Rude (2007)

Rev. Kelli Shepard

Rev. Donna Simon (2000)

Rev. Sharon Stalkfleet (2002)

Rev. Susan Strouse

Rev. Jay Wiesner (2004)

Rev. Jay Wilson (2008)

Rev. Cindy Witt

Rev. Phyllis Zillhart (1990)

Approved for Ordination

Lisa Stenmark

Greg Egertson