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ELM; PO Box 14317; Chicago, IL 60614-8503.

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ELM recognizes our wonderful donors with the following Friends Circles

Extraordinary Friends – $10+ monthly

Faithful Friends – $300 – 599 each year

Fabulous Friends – $600 – 999 each year

Faithful & Fabulous Friends – $1,000 – 2,499 each year

Extraordinarily Faithful and Fabulous Friends – $2,500 each year


Extraordinary FriendsBecome an Extraordinary Friend through monthly-giving:

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW.  The best way you can support LGBTQIA+ leaders and their ministries is through your monthly gift.

We treasure this kind of support so much we’ve named our monthly giving program “Extraordinary Friends.”

Become an Extraordinary Friend to show your ongoing commitment to this ministry and provide support to LGBTQIA+ leaders and ministries throughout the year.  

You may also call Executive Director Rev. Amanda Nelson to discuss a gift. Amanda’s number is 312-465-1562. ELM’s federal tax identification number is 94-3126113.