Megan Rohrer

Extraordinary Congregation & Pastor – Grace Lutheran and Pastor Rohrer

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An extraordinary congregation and pastor were highlighted yesterday by KALW, a San Francisco public radio station, in a story about the Rev. Megan Rohrer and Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. Read or listen to the whole story here.

Megan Rohrer
Rev. Megan Rohrer. Photo by Emily Ann Garcia.

The story was about unexpected communities in San Francisco. It’s a great story about Grace Lutheran and Pastor Rohrer, and provides insight into a lesser known part of the LGBTQ community. Megan identifies as transgender and uses the pronoun they to reflect their comfort with male and female aspects of their identity.

Pastor Rohrer has a long history with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. They were a member of the historic ELM Roster, ordained extraordinarily in 2006. Pastor Rohrer was also part of the transitional leadership team that founded Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, serving as the volunteer Communications Director. Pastor Rohrer was received onto the ELCA Clergy Roster in 2010.

ELM celebrates and gives thanks for extraordinary congregations and pastors like Grace Evangelical Lutheran and Pastor Rohrer. Learn more about how ELM supports extraordinary congregations through our Ministry Engagement program.