Amalia and Jerry Vagts

Great News about Thrivent Choice Dollars! (And what my Dad had to do with it…)

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Amalia and Jerry Vagts
Amalia Vagts and Jerry Vagts

We received official notification today that Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is now eligible for Thrivent Choice®  dollars!   This is GREAT news!

So, what does my dad have to do with it?

Not only has my dad been a longtime advocate for LGBTQ justice and change in the Lutheran church, but about a year ago he took up the cause of getting Thrivent to accept ELM as an eligible organization.

We had applied to Thrivent several years ago and were rejected.  We appealed, and we were rejected again.  But Dad persisted, and when he found out they were changing some of their requirements, he and fellow ELM supporter Michael Nelson nudged us to apply again.  Dad submitted the nomination materials to his regional Thrivent chapter.

AND THIS TIME we were approved!  This is great news for all Thrivent members who support ELM.  If you have not used your 2012 Thrivent Choice Dollars for 2012, please consider contributing them to ELM.  It will be about 5 more days until we are officially listed in the catalog, and you cannot designate ELM until then. We’ll send out a notice as soon as you can make your contribution.  And of course, once March 31 passes, you’ll have 2013 Choice Dollars to designate.

Our next post on this will include all the links and information you need to make your contribution.  Stay tuned!