Proclaim Launches!

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Proclaim LogoELM’s new program, Proclaim, launched this weekend during a gathering of LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders and seminarians near Lake Geneva, WI. It was a fantastic gathering of folks from as far away as South Africa and Alaska.

We spent time getting to know one another, learning more about ELM and Proclaim, and learning from the brilliant and ever-entertaining Lisa Larges, from That All May Freely Serve, a movement partner from the Presbyterian Church.

Nearly 60 attendees joined together in worship, conversation, planning, as well as a raucous evening of  Trivial Pursuit, Banagrams, Euchre and Hearts. Attendees play trivial pursuitAs Proclaim evolves, you’ll be hearing more about how these leaders seek to renew and transform Lutheran congregations and ministries and serve God’s people by bringing the Good News.

For the Proclaim membership form click here.

Here’s what one attendee shared about the weekend:

“After spending this weekend with other GLBTQ people in the Lutheran church I am strengthened and renewed.  I don’t feel like I am going through candidacy, the call process and the Lutheran church alone.  I look forward to all that ELM can do for me and am excited about an opportunity to serve ELM and Proclaim as well!”

Proclaim Retreat workshop. Photo by Cary Bass
Proclaim Retreat workshop. Photo by Cary Bass

Another person wrote:

“We are building new community through Proclaim, strengthening our witness, empowering our vision, accompanying one another into God’s gracious future!”



P.S.  If you are excited about connecting with publicly-identified LGBTQ rostered leaders and seminarians in a synod near you, attendees got very energized about forming regional meet-ups, including the already dubbed Southern group, “Proclaim, Ya’ll!”

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