Extraordinary Meeting

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Sunday, July 25 was extraordinary for a number of reasons, as you’ve read here previously. An unexpected happy occurrence was an unplanned gathering of all 8 founding members of the Extraordinary Candidacy Project.

From left to right-Jack Elliott, Mari Irvin, Sherry Mattson, Jeff Johnson, Margaret Moreland, Stan Olson, Greg Egertson, Elizabeth Thompson.

The group gathered for an impromptu photo shoot and a few shared memories. It was quite amazing for all gathered to see this group together. This group’s prophetic work to credential and authorize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people for ministry in the Lutheran Church has meant that openly LGBT people have been able to follow a call to ministry for nearly 20 years in the Lutheran church. Amazing work! Amazing people!

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  1. For those who might be wondering who they are-
    From left to right-
    Jack Elliott
    Mari Irvin
    Sherry Mattson
    Jeff Johnson
    Margaret Moreland
    Stan Olson
    Greg Egertson
    Elizabeth Thompson

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