Below are  documents outlining Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries history, and predecessor organizations history:

ELCA Decision regarding St. Francis and First United in San Francisco, 1990

-PDF of the ELCA’s Committee on Discipline decision to suspend both churches from the ELCA.  After calling openly gay pastor Jeff Johnson, First United & St. Francis were suspended in 1990, then expelled in 1995. Their actions began the movement that became Lutheran Lesbian & Gay Ministries, then the Extraordinary Candidacy Project and eventually to the formation of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.

Speech by Rev. James DeLange

-Rev. DeLange gave a speech following a tribute to him for his years of service as one of the founders and long time board member of Lutheran Lesbian and Gay Ministries (now Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries). Rev. DeLange gave a speech. Francis Lutheran Church, San Francisco 2006.

Press release on Extraordinary Candidacy Committee

Who is Lutheran Lesbian & Gay Ministries?

Brochure on Extraordinary Candidacy Project- 1999

Ordination Bulletins for those ordained prior to the ELCA vote in 2009

Ordination Bulletin- Jen Rude (Nov 17, 2007)

Ordination Bulletin – Jay Wilson (Dec 6, 2008)

 Ordination Bulletin -Lura Groen pt.1 (July 26, 2008)

Ordination Bulletin- Lura Groen pt.2 (July 26, 2008)


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