an untitled poem in response to Psalm 81

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morning light presses against the window pane and

     slips through the slats of the blinds
     promises of more to come
     muted tones now
     greys hint at the color of things in actuality 
     the morning is slow
soon I’ll rise
I’ll fling wide those blinds
     draw them up
so they impede no longer
     the technicolor world
     the rush and noise of life
          a world of possibility
          of wonder
          of hope
I’ll fling wide those blinds to see all things 
     becoming new
God at work
     ever creating
and we
     the continual work 
         of God’s hands

Pastor Anna Gordy (she/ her/ hers) is a resident of San Antonio who grew up in the Deep South and who moved regularly across the continental United States as an adult.  She is grateful after a lifetime of searching to finally be able to call Texas “home”.  Mother, grandmother(!), artist, spouse, lover, pastor, and friend are her callings, and she believes the call we share is to be neighbor to all the world.

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