Annunciation by JM Longworth

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Picture description: ocean waves crashing along a rocky shore.




by JM Longworth


Small child

curly dark hair

smile betraying

a great secret


Stands at 

the shore

a vast ocean

roaring tides


She stoops

once more

Dipping the clay jar

into surf


It seems

the task

will never end

bottling the ocean


A stranger

sickly wings

sharp tongue

asks her


That’s it?

Ocean in a jar?

This trick is 

Your big idea?


Nose wrinkling

She dips again

Catching waves

Mist clinging


She replies

It will be

the greatest gift

ever given


JM Longworth (they, them, theirs) lives in Rutland, Vermont with their partner Sara and two dogs. They are currently serving as the pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and as co-pastor of the Faith on Foot Ministry Cooperative. JM also serves on the Board of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, and as a Formation & Vocation Coordinator for the Order of Ecumenical Franciscan.

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