Writing thank you cards

Truly a new morning!

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Amalia Vagts
Executive Director

Joyous Easter to you!

Writing thank you cards
Proclaimers write thank you cards to ELM Friends during 2015 Gathering

I’m so thankful for the signs of Easter I see every day in the ministry leaders you support through your giving to Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.

This year, the Proclaim Gathering falls in the season of Easter – and for many it is truly a new morning where they can step out from the time of Lent and into the transforming light of the risen Christ.

They experience the joy of hearing the word “gay” alongside words like “fabulous, beloved, joyous, and called.”

Right now, we’re raising funds to support our upcoming Proclaim Gathering – especially to provide scholarships to those who need them.

The critical need for these scholarships became very clear when I was reading a note from one scholarship applicant.

I stopped short at this sentence: “I grew up in a church where the word gay was not used.”

That comment caught my eye because for so long, many LGBT Christians experienced hurt because of the way gay and lesbian people were spoken about in church.

Now there is a new pain caused by silence. Many in the ELCA want to move quickly from a past of exclusion.  Yet a growing number of people continue to experience the pain caused when the church doesn’t mention our identities or our families.

ELM is working to change that. You can join us. You can remind this future pastor that the darkness of silence during Lent leads to the bursting joyfulness of Easter. You can remind them they do not walk alone.

I invite you to make a special gift in support of this Gathering – I’d love to add your name to the list of those who will receive thank you notes from the ministry leaders at the Proclaim Gathering this year.

And I invite you this Easter Season to come out about your support for LGBTQ ministry leaders. Tell your own story of transformation and resurrection.

Thank you for all you do for LGBTQ ministry leaders.

Amalia Vagts
Amalia Vagts

Amalia Vagts is thankful for the gift of being part of the National Proclaim Gathering to hear the stories of LGBTQ people called to rostered ministry so she can share them with all of you.

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