Proclaimer serves communion

Don’t let “no” be the last word

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Proclaimer serves communion
Your gift matched today at!
by Amalia Vagts
ELM executive director

That morning, the church said no to Edward.*

Edward had been pursuing his dream of returning to the pulpit as a Lutheran pastor.

When the council recommended him for call, Edward had hope. But the congregation said no.

“We’re ready for gay people in our pew,” one person told him. “But we’re just not ready for one in our pulpit.”

Thankfully, Edward was able to turn to the Proclaim community following this painful vote. He was surrounded with words of encouragement, prayers, and support.

And thankfully – you can say YES to leaders like Edward through a year-end gift to Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM). ELM is here thanks to support from people like you. The Proclaim community – the Accompaniment work, the efforts to find more congregations to call LGBTQ pastors – all of this is fueled by your support of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.

Your generosity says YES to LGBTQ people following a call to ministry. And today your gift can do TWICE as much good. A wonderful supporter has offered to match any new, increased or renewed gifts (up to $10,000 total).

When I asked this supporter why they were offering a match, they said,

“Seminarians and pastors who are “out” face special challenges and unique opportunities for witness. ELM nurtures, unleashes, and empowers these extraordinary leaders, and through them the communities they serve. I hope this challenge reminds the community of ELM supporters that the need continues, and that by acting together we make a real difference.”

You can make twice the difference today. Please give – and invite a friend to join you to make an even bigger impact!

If you have any questions about your giving or this match, please contact me at 563-382-6277 or

Your gift will go twice as far this Christmas to help LGBTQ pastors like Edward who want to serve.

*The name of this Proclaim member has been changed. Stories of heartbreak in our community are much harder to share openly than stories of joy.

Note – Your gift will be matched only until December 31, 2015 – we can receive up to an additional $10,000 – but we will only receive as much as we are able to raise from new, increased, and renewed gifts!

For those who have given for the year – THANK YOU! Your support helps us say yes to leaders like Edward who “face special challenges and unique opportunities for witness. Thank you!

Amalia VagtsAmalia Vagts hopes to hear fewer and fewer stories like the one above. Yet, she feels like this when she thinks about the expansive community of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Friends who say YES to LGBTQ people in ministry. 

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