Berkeley, Chicago & All Over the Internet

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by Amalia Vagts
Executive Director

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is all over the place – alleluia!

Proclaimers Leslie Walton & Jen Rude meet in person!
Proclaimers Leslie Walton & Jen Rude meet in person!

Our Program Director, Rev. Jen Rude, is in the Bay Area this week. She spent some time yesterday doing a site visit in preparation for the 2016 Proclaim Gathering (a 4-day gathering for LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders, candidates, and seminarians). Then she headed back north to spend time with staff at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Proclaim members, and ELM friends.  Many folks, including Proclaim member Leslie Walton, were happy to see (or meet) Jen in person!

And I’m wrapping up a quick visit to Chicago, where we are launching our Faithful & Fabulous Chicago effort – a friend-to-friend outreach campaign to connect more people to the ministry of ELM. I am so thankful for a very committed and passionate team  of volunteers who have been learning about faith and giving this fall and will be inviting others to join them in supporting our ministry.

Meanwhile through phone and web chat – the Proclaim chaplains met for their monthly meeting and the ELM Diversity Committee gathered to focus their work for the coming months. Also meeting this week – the Proclaim Team and the ELM Board Development Committee. And our new ELM Development & Communications Intern started on Monday! All told, about 30 volunteers will be busy at some point this week working to support LGBTQ people in ministry.

And YOU are supporting this work by staying informed – thank you – hope you are feeling extraordinary today! Thank you for all you do for LGBTQ people in ministry.