Pastor Steve Wilco

And all who heard it were amazed

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“When they saw this, they made known what had been told them about this child; and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds told them.” – Luke 2:17


Pastor Brenda Bos
Pastor Brenda Bos welcomes all to the table on the beach.

by Amalia Vagts, Executive Director

Sometimes when I tell people about Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, they are amazed.

Some are amazed there is such a ministry. Some are amazed there is a need for it.

Those who support and walk with LGBTQ ministers and their ministries know the true amazement is in the Gospel story – told time and time again, sometimes in the most unlikely places, by the most unexpected of messengers, with the most surprising of words.

Seminarian John Brett offers this reflection on the Gospel text:

“We’ve seen God now, and he stinks to high heaven. Of course, so do we; thankfully, God understands a little manure around our edges.”

Pastor Steve Wilco
Pastor Steve Wilco speaks at LGBT rally.

Nancy Wichmann, also in seminary, will share these words this Christmas morning in her sermon:

When I was growing up, Christmas was not terribly joyous for me. I kept asking Santa for a pretty dress or a doll. I got tube socks and a package of “tighty whiteys” when white tights would have been preferable.”

Unlikely places, unexpected messengers, and surprising words.

May the wonder of the Christmas story amaze you.

(Pastor Brenda Bos, John Brett, Nancy Wichmann, and Pastor Steve Wilco are members of Proclaim, an active community of 175+ LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders, seminarians, and candidates. Proclaim is a program of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.)

Amalia Vagts

Amalia Vagts, ELM Executive Director, finds amazement in the passion and commitment of those who have sustained the ministry of LGBTQ people for nearly twenty-five years, and by LGBTQ people who proclaim God’s love for all so beautifully and wildly.