Friendship Bracelets

Extraordinary Friends, how do we love thee?

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Extraordinary FriendsEvery month, we receive contributions from people who have committed to support us throughout the year. We call these folks our “Extraordinary Friends.” If you are one of those Friends, we are thankful beyond words for your sustaining support.

Extraordinary Friends make ELM’s world go round!

There are many in the church who say they support diverse leaders. But it takes financial resources to provide the kind of accompaniment, affirmation, and advocacy that Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is known for. In the last year our Friends have helped us with projects like the following…

  •  Host the Proclaim Retreat – largest dedicated gathering of LGBTQ rostered leaders and ministry candidates in any denomination.
  • Field calls and emails from over 40 Lutheran candidates for ministry looking for resources with candidacy.
  • Present at the ELCA Conference of Bishops and the ELCA seminary internship directors’ annual retreat about working with LGBTQ candidates. We were also invited to attend the ELCA Fund for Leaders’ annual dinner in recognition of our support for candidates.
  • Work on the following one-of-a-kind resources: Candidacy and LGBTQ Individuals (for ELCA candidacy committees); a handbook for first call candidates; a guide for call committees and synods wanting to extend a welcome to LGBTQ candidates; and a collection of stories from LGBTQ ministers.

Here are some words of thankfulness from LGBTQ leaders supported through by our Extraordinary Friends:

Jill Rode“If you don’t have hope about the future of the church, you need to meet a member of the Proclaim community, especially one of our seminarians.”

 “ELM provides promised and lived community.”

 “The Proclaim Retreat provides a place for renewal, collegiality, learning, and witness.”             

 “Words of gratitude seem an inadequate expression for how very important and essential ELM’s support has been and continues to be.”

At the Proclaim retreat this year, the ministers and candidates wanted to show their gratitude for our Friendship BraceletsExtraordinary Friends. So they wrote notes of thanks for current Friends and made “friendship” bracelets for new ones. 

Monthly giving provides this ministry with a steady cash flow, assurance of renewal of gifts, and allows many to provide larger gifts over the course of time.  This method of giving is crucial to our success.

You can affirm LGBTQ leaders and their ministries through your contribution. These leaders seek to be engaged in ministry year round – we can show our support by contributing to their ministry each month.

GET INVOLVED It’s very easy to become an Extraordinary Friend – you can join with a gift of $10 or more a month. You can sign up right here online and give from your checking account or with a credit card. You can also mail us a monthly check directly from your bank account (or kitchen table). Your monthly support means so much to these faithful (and fabulous) leaders and their ministries.

I give thanks for our Extraordinary Friends and for all those who support this ministry with their prayers and contributions.

Amalia Vagts

by Amalia Vagts. Amalia is executive director of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries and gets to write and talk each month with ELM’s Extraordinary Friends, which makes her very, very happy! Read more.