Churchwide Assembly

Who + What + Why

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by Amalia Vagts, Executive Director

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Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries has been busy! We’ve adopted updated mission and vision statements and affirmed our plan for 2013 – 2015. Yes, this involved some serious butcher block paper & post-it notes…

We began by identifying people who are closely connected to the work of ELM. Next, we agreed upon 9 goals for the next 2-3 years. Then we agreed on the strategies to achieve these goals. Lastly, we adopted a new mission and statement to more accurately describe and guide our work. A big shout-out to the fabulous Jessica Vazquez Torres who facilitated this process for us.

In short: Who? What? Why?

WHO: Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is focused on the following  8 constituencies:  LGBTQ people called to ministry, congregations and ministries, ELM donors and supporters, ELM’s growing edge, ELCA decision-makers, theological and ministry educators, movement partners, and ELM leadership.

WHAT: Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is committing to the following 9 goals:

1.         Expand our role as a leader in extraordinary and innovative ministries.

2.         Identify 90 congregations open to calling rostered leaders in Proclaim.

3.         Identify and/or create at least 12 viable internship sites that would make excellent settings for LGBTQ candidates.

4.         Distribute candidacy resources to every synodical candidacy committee.

5.         Increase our intercultural competency and our capacity to raise up ministry candidates connected with underrepresented communities.

6.         Proclaim members will be actively engaged in planned strategies geared toward creating a church where all may serve according to their callings.

7.         Develop new relationships with key leaders whose work directly impacts ELM’s constituencies.

8.         Become an organization that meets widely accepted benchmarks for nonprofit excellence.

9.         Expand organizational capacity through increased giving from existing and new supporters.

WHY: This is best summed up in our newly adopted vision statement:

Freed and compelled by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to proclaim God’s love and seek justice for all, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries envisions a church where all may serve God according to their callings. 

Our whole plan is summed up in our newly adopted mission statement:

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries affirms and supports LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders and those pursuing a call to rostered leadership while engaging allied congregations and ministries to proclaim God’s love and seek justice for all. 

We invite you to join us in this work!

1. Provide resources through your annual contribution or special gift.

2. Learn more by watching our 6 minute video.

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