Jen Rude: Why I support ELM

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Each month we are inviting people who support Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries to share how and why they are involved with our ministry. This month we hear from Rev. Jen Rude about when she first thought our ministry was worth supporting and why she’s continued to invest in our mission. In Jen’s words:

I remember visiting seminary as a college student, longing to be there, although I was convinced that pastoral ministry was not in my future because of the then-policies of the ELCA.  While in Berkeley I had lunch with a local pastor, Pastor Jeff Johnson (one of the first three pastors extraordinarily ordained), and over pie he told me about the Extraordinary Candidacy Project (one of the predecessor bodies to ELM).  All of a sudden, there seemed to be a way where there was no way before.  My heart was opened and filled with possibility for living out a call to ministry.

Starting then I became involved with ELM, through the professional network of rostered leaders and seminarians, as a Joel R Workin scholarship recipient, and now serving on the board.  It was largely because of the work of ELM that I have been able to receive a call to ministry and serve as a pastor.  I give my time and money because my heart is with this community and I see it making a difference – both in my own life and ministry and in the larger church.  I am inspired by the ways that ELM continues to creatively make new ways and open possibilities for ministry and I want to be part of this spirit-filled work!

Rev. Jen Rude serves on the Board of Directors for ELM and is Proclaim program chair.  She lives in Chicago, IL and  was the first Joel Workin scholarship recipient.