ELM Ministry Grant in Action: Welcome & The Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies (Bay Area, CA)

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This year ELM donors are supporting Welcome and  the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies with an ELM Mission Grant.

These ministries serve LGBTQ homeless youth through programs that focus on empowerment and fostering leadership. Rev. Megan Rohrer serves as director of Welcome.  Rev. Dawn Roginiski serves as Associate Coordinator at the Coalition for Welcoming Congregations (at the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies). Both are members of Proclaim, the professional network for Lutheran rostered leaders and seminarians who publicly identify as LGBTQ.

Dawn and Megan recently led a Bay Area retreat on spirituality with LGBTQ homeless youth.  Excerpts from a storytelling group are compiled in the video link below. This is a part of the stories Megan is gathering from across the country. Because the participants are under 18, their faces are excluded to protect their anonymity.