ELM Ministry Grant in Action: EcoFaith Recovery (Oregon)

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EcoFaith Recovery
Photo by Theresa Reiser

This year ELM donors are supporting EcoFaith Recovery, an innovative environmental ministry founded and led by Proclaim member Robyn Hartwig.

EcoFaith Recovery is starting the year off by working on leading a course called “An Ecology of Grace and Justice: Organizing in the Biocommons for Lutherans (OBC)” led by Dick Harmon, a retired Industrial Areas Foundation community organizer, Portland Pastor Terry Moe, and EcoFaith founder Pastor Robyn Hartwig. OBC invites Lutheran leaders to engage together in the global eco-crisis out of the richness of the theological and spiritual tradition through the lenses of organizing.

The goals of Organizing in the Biocommons series is:

• To bring together Lutheran leaders, clergy and lay, who bring expertise and passion to care for creation, in prayer, reflection and action;

• To deepen our understanding of the world’s economic and ecological situation;

• To engage the well of our tradition and to respond theologically and spiritually to the world;

• To build relationships based on common interests and concerns;

• To agitate imaginative local responses to the ecological/economic crisis;

The course will have five sessions with one gathering each month. For more information on the course go here.

EcoFaith Recovery
Photo by Theresa Reiser

Last summer, EcoFaith Recovery held a table talk called “No Salvation Apart from Earth” in the ‘Sanctuary in the Firs’ at St. Andrew Lutheran in Beaverton, Oregon. These photos, taken by Theresa Reiser illustrate the EcoFaith community at work.