ELM Welcomes New Leaders

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ELM welcomes two people to new leadership positions on the ELM Covenant Circle. The Covenant Circle is the volunteer leadership group for ELM.

Lois Voss finished her role as co-chair at the end of May. Lois, an early leader in Extraordinary Candidacy Project played a key role during the merger process and inaugural years of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. The organization advanced during its early years thanks to her detailed and dedicated leadership.

Rev. Jen Nagel (above) is the new ELM Co-Chair. Nagel will share the role with Rev. Erik Christensen. Nagel was the former Collegium Chair.

Pastor Jen began serving Salem English Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN in 2003 and was ordained on January 19, 2008. She combines urban ministry experience, a love for working with congregations in the midst of transformation and change, and a deep care for the people of Salem and the neighborhood. Her work includes the usual pastoral duties (preaching, teaching, worship leadership, pastoral care) as well as walking with Salem in this time of re-development and partnership–a challenging balancing act and yet one that gives Jen energy.

Jen is trained in intentional interim ministry. She holds an M.Div. from University of Chicago-Divinity School, completed work at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and earned a B.A. at Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota. She’s served at Central Lutheran Church and Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, in Africa, Chicago, Michigan, and outdoor ministry settings.

Jen has served on the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches. She is a leader in the Minneapolis Area Synod and currently serves as the Collegium Chair of the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Covenant Circle. Jen’s spouse, Rev. Jane McBride, is a pastor in the United Church of Christ and they have a young daughter.

Rev. Jen Rude (below) is the new Collegium Chair.
Rev Jen Rude currently serves as Youth Outreach Minister at The Night Ministry. At The Night Ministry Jen works with street-based youth, including young people experiencing homelessness and LGBTQ youth. Jen engages with youth (ages 13-24) by building relationships, providing access to basic needs, cultivating youth leadership skills, creating opportunities for arts expression and nature exploration, and providing pastoral care and spiritual companionship.

The Night Ministry was founded in 1976 by local churches and synagogues. As part of her work with The Night Ministry, Jen continues to build bridges with local churches, synagogues and other community groups through volunteer experiences and advocacy education.

Jen graduated from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA in 2005 and was extraordinarily ordained at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Chicago in November 2007. Jen enjoys cooking, Chicago in the summertime, taking a trapeze and silks class and making crafts.

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