Celebration for Abiding Peace!

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ELM roster member Rev. Donna Simon’s congregation, Abiding Peace Lutheran Church in Kansas City, MO was celebrated at the Synod Assembly on June 5, 2010. About 30 people gave up their lunch breaks to celebrate the lifting of their ELCA censure. The congregation was put under censure in 2001 for calling and ordaining Rev. Simon outside of the ELCA policies. During the Synod Assembly pastors in the synod put together a short liturgy,

“It was a really lovely service, and we were touched by the response. I feel like our synod, under the leadership of our bishop, has begun to embrace a new day of inclusion”-Rev. Donna Simon (left)

Supporters thanked Rev. Simon for her witness and struggle, the candidacy committee as she concludes her reception process and the ELCA “for “the boldness and faithfulness of the people of the ELCA for the passage of the Statement on Human Sexuality, and for the ministry policies that have been adopted.”

We look forward to more celebrations of this sort across the country in the coming months. Read Rev. Simon’s blog here.