ELCA highlights the rite of reception for ELM pastors

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A new press release from the ELCA ”ELCA Council Authorizes Rite, Receives Report on ‘Bound Conscience’ clarifies the rite of reception for ELM pastors.

” [The rite is] To be used by the ELCA’s 65 synod bishops in the next two years, the rite serves as a means of reception that embraces the ELCA’s desire for reconciliation with ELM pastors who are serving ELCA congregations and who wish to be recognized fully as ordained ministers in the denomination.

The council’s authorization of the rite is intended to receive 17 ELM pastors who were not previously on the ELCA clergy roster or on the roster of ordained ministers of a predecessor church body; who have been approved by a candidacy committee of a synod; and who have received a call in the church. The rite had been recommended by the ELCA Conference of Bishops.”

Read the full press release here