Rev. Anita Hill Approved for Reception to ELCA Roster

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The St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA has approved Rev. Anita Hill for reception to the ELCA roster.

In communicating their decision, the panel wrote:
“At the recommendation of the panel that met with you on February 2, 2010, it was moved by Marty Ericson and carried that Anita Hill be received onto the roster of the ELCA for ordained pastors pending the implementation of the Vision and Expectations policy changes approved at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in August 2009.”

The committee shared the following words with their decision: “Recognizing the intentional, prayerful, parallel process of the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries candidacy process, as well as your ministry partnership within the life of our synod, the Saint Paul Area Synod Candidacy Committee celebrates with you as you anticipate being received onto the roster.”

ELM rejoices with Pastor Anita, with her congregation, St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church and with the ELCA at this decision. We hope that other synods will find this to be a useful model as they imagine a compassionate reception and reinstatement process.

ELM is working hard in hopes that all ELM roster members who wish to serve in the ELCA will be received or reinstated by a compassionate and welcoming process.

You may send cards to Rev. Anita Hill here: St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church; 100 Oxford St. N; St. Paul, MN; 55104.

You may reach the St. Paul Area Synod here: 105 University Ave. W.; St. Paul, MN 55103.