Blog: Indigenous People’s Day

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On Indigenous People’s Day, ELM wanted to take a moment to highlight and uplift ways Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries can be in solidarity with our indigenous members and neighbors. ELM is committed to liberation of all marginalised communities, and to centering the voices of queer folx who experience multi-layered intersectional and systemic oppression 

We are particularly thankful for the intense labor that went into creating the Truth and Healing Movement in the ELCA, which provides opportunities to learn the true history and current realities of Indigenous people. It is these truths, truths that have been ignored by most for hundreds of years, that will bring healing for both Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people. There are some upcoming classes and seminars, and a wonderful calendar of events on the website. There are also several recorded sessions on youtube if you are unable to make the session times. Here is a list of further resources housed on the ELCA website.

The ELCIC has several resources as well, including this explainer about the Doctrine of Discovery, and the dangers of denying the existence of Residential Schools

We invite queer Indigenous people to share in the comments anything you would like ELM to know about what it means to you to be queer and Indigenous.

Below is a link to the TikTok account of a Two-Spirit Anishinaabe community leader from whom we have learned a great deal. Non-Indigenous folks, we invite you to share resources from the queer Indigenous people who are your greatest teachers.

We join in solidarity and prayer as we continue to work toward a future where all of God’s people are honored and treated with care.


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