ELM Advent Haiku: John Brett

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Grieving travelers
Listen: the motor humming
Beauty in the world

-John Brett
*image description: photo of a donkey standing in red desert sand with the words: Grieving travelers, Listen: the motor humming, beauty in the world. 
John M. Brett (he/hym/hys), ELCA seminarian & street chaplain, serves the SF Night Ministry as Minister of Faithful&Fabulous! & Director of Community Programs, where he offers queer-centric ministry & multifaith programming & accompaniment. Christened IrReverend & High Priest of Fabulous by parishioners, his first on-the-job pastoral care lesson was to remember to tip the drag queens. He leads Drag Street Eucharists around the country & serve on the organizing committee for the now annual Spiritual DragCon.

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