Welcome Ivy!

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Welcome Ivy!
The Board and Staff of ELM are thrilled to welcome a new staff member to the family – Ivy Ellis!
Hannah Dorn, our most recent administrative support staffer, left ELM in October to pursue a full-time position at a Chicago real estate firm. We’re grateful for all that Hannah brought to our team and our ministry. We wish her all the best in her new position!
Ivy’s role as Operations Assistant will consist of Program, Administrative, and Development Support. Feel free to reach out to Ivy and say “Hello”! Ivy’s email is operations@elm.org!
Want to know more about Ivy?!
She’s full of surprises!
Name– Ivy Ellis
Pronouns- She/Her/Hers
Where are you from?– I am originally from Los Angeles, but right now I live in Chicago and I love it!
Do you have any pets?– I have four pet rats and two cats. I have had pet rats for about 10 years and they are the greatest pets. They are smart, teachable, clean and very friendly. 
What are their names and professions? 
The Cats 
Jelly- Unemployed
Poodle (yes, a cat named Poodle!)-
Currently employed as a Queen
The Rats 
Guido– Owns a Pizzeria
Andy–  Grant Writer for a non-profit
Piglet– Retired, working on a puzzle
Boyfriend– Barista, getting a degree online 
Best moment on the job so far? I truly enjoyed getting to meet the board and the ELM staff when I popped in on the Fall board retreat.
Why are you excited to work for ELM? I am excited to be able to support an organization that is doing such brave and important work. 
Please help us give Ivy
(and her busy working family)
a warm welcome! 

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