Pulpit Dreams

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This year, as we engage the liturgical season of Advent, ELM will be exploring the Advent themes of build-up, chaos, and the apocalyptic nature of the season through the lens of poetry. These poems, written by Proclaim members, are accompanied by images to help express the sentiment. 
Please feel free to share these poems and images in your own faith communities. For accessibility, a note describing each image and the poem text is included below the image.
Thank you for your continued reading of the ELM blog and for your support of LGBTQIA+ ministry leadership.

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Picture description: a snowy scene of evergreen trees with the peak of a church poking through.


Pulpit Dreams 

By Jon Rundquist


As frigid winds across the prairies blow

And birds have left the northern Midwest climes

The church upon the hill collects the snow

Around the door and lot just like old times


And I with wife in hand and child in arm

Head out into the drift with dragging skirts

The snow lets up before the bell’s alarm

We leave with hope, and yet, my heart still hurts


With yearning pulpit dreams akin to grief

It’s been so long since I have been up there

The peace I had was stolen by a thief

A thief with Bible-twisted fear and glare


Of course, the conscience-bound are always right

They steal the dreams of queer and trans alike

The joy of Advent mired by hate and spite

Uncomfortability is giv’n a mic


“I’m sorry” so they say. “Not ready yet”

“Just give us time, okay?” How long to wait?

Awaiting Baby Jesus, Advent wreaths are set

For love to break the walls of fear and hate


As frigid winds across the prairies blow

We pray for opened minds from Advent’s themes

Embrace us all to fill your hearts and sow

The seeds of all our hopes and pulpit dreams

Jon Rundquist (he/her/theirs) is a non-binary trans/genderqueer rebellious preacher of the rural Northwoods, where they are a stay-at-home parent and an occasional electronics team member at Target. Jon has many loves, including his wife and two children, and an affinity for sci-fi/fantasy Star Trek/Wars/Gate. Yes, that’s six slashes. She hopes to one day serve in ordained ministry for the God and Church she loves. Rebellions are built on hope after all.

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