Extraordinary Proclaim Seminarians

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You support extraordinary leaders like Kyle Severson. Kyle is heading up a new initiative at ELM – the Proclaim Seminarians Team. Read on…

Kyle Severson is a student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, on internship this year at Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in Lincolnshire, IL. He’s an ELCA Fund for Leaders in Mission Scholar, a Fund for Theological Education Fellow, and a Proclaim member.  Kyle and his partner Clyde live in Forest Park, IL.

Kyle Severson Photo

Kyle joined Proclaim in 2011 to be “part of a network of mentors, colleagues, and friends who might have gone or are going through similar joys and challenges as a part of the journey through candidacy and ministry as an openly gay person.” We currently have 41 Proclaim seminarians, with members at each of the 8 ELCA seminaries and many divinity schools.

Starting this month, Kyle is taking the lead on one of our newest ways to affirm and highlight the gifts of LGBTQ seminarians: the Proclaim Seminarians Team.  In leading this team, Kyle hopes “we can be the eyes and ears of the seminary communities and both pastorally and professionally support our seminarian peers as they move through this formative time.”

The Proclaim Seminarians Team will include representatives from each of the 8 ELCA seminaries and some divinity schools.  These students will meet via video and conference call throughout the year to:

+  plan fall welcome activities for LGBTQ seminary students

+  make Proclaim and ELM more visible in ELCA seminaries both for LGBTQ students and others

+  provide support for students within the Lutheran candidacy process, and those getting ready for internship or first call

+  invite LGBTQ seminary students to attend the annual Proclaim Retreat, as a chance to connect with other LGBTQ seminarians and rostered leaders throughout the country

+ address the specific needs of LGBTQ seminarians in an effort to support their call to ministry and affirm the unique gift they are to our church

Your support of ELM makes initiatives like the Proclaim Seminarians Team a reality instead of just another great idea. Thank you for supporting Kyle and other extraordinary leaders!