PREMIER! A new 6 minute video about ELM

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“ELM Today” is a 6 minute video telling the stories of seminarians, pastors, and church leaders and about the work of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. It’s a great way to learn about and share the work of ELM!


Watch the video here! And share it with your friends!

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries received a grant from the St. Francis Lutheran Church Endowment in San Francisco for this project.

This film was made in one day at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. We’re so grateful to the leaders and ELM supporters who offered their stories for this film.  Filmmaker Rich Tolsma, a member of University Lutheran in Philadelphia did an absolutely amazing job capturing the stories to create one narrative.

We invite you to share this video with friends, family & congregations. This is an excellent tool for congregations and other individuals and groups who want to learn about ELM or are asking the question: “Do we still need ELM?”

Rather than just watching the video and thinking “how good it is that someone is doing something!” we hope this video inspires you (and perhaps your congregation) to get involved with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries and support LGBTQ people who are called to ministry in the Lutheran church. 

If you wish to use this with your congregation or in another setting, there is no need to contact us.  But you are very welcome to if you’d like to discuss ways others are using it.  Contact Rachael at  And check out our viewer’s guide below!

Viewer’s Guide: CLICK HERE for a 1 page list of discussion questions.