Ordination of Jeanine Reardon

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Jeanine ordination- April 2013 On April 6, 2013 friends, family,  clergy and other rostered leaders gathered at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Evanston, IL to witness the ordination of Jeanine Reardon.  Jeanine is a member of Proclaim, the professional community for Lutheran pastors, rostered lay leaders, and seminarians who publicly identify as LGBTQ.

Jeanine has followed a 14.5 year path to ministry.  She is active in the Proclaim community and served as Chaplain for this past year.  She and her partner, Julie Boleyn, live in Berwyn, IL with their daughter.

The service included a sermon by Proclaim member Rev. Jen Rude.  Read the sermon here.

Congratulations to Jeanine as she continues with her ministry at St. Paul and in chaplaincy.

ELM banner at Proclaim retreat

This was the first ordination that used ELM’s new hand painted silk worship banners. The banners were created by artist Kristen Gilje.  The banners will be used for special services such as installations and ordinations. The banners were made possible by special gifts from Bonny and John Vaught, Erik Stevens, the Revs. Jen Nagel & Jane McBride, Jerry & Val Vagts, David Lester & Amalia Vagts, and other friends from Holden Village.  Thank you these supporters for making the banners a reality!