ELM Worship Banners!

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Last year at the Proclaim retreat, several people commented how wonderful it would be to have Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries and Proclaim banners to use for special services such as installations and ordinations. After looking into several options, we felt we could only do service to ELM’s beautiful logo by commissioning some original artwork. Many of us at ELM are well acquainted with Holden Village and the former Village Artist, Kristen Gilje. We contacted Kristen and she was thrilled to have the chance to work on the project. 

Several generous Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries donors embraced the invitation to underwrite the banners. The banners will soon be finished and available for celebration events such as Proclaim members ordinations, installations and reinstatements. The banners were made possible by special gifts from Bonny and John Vaught, Erik Stevens, the Revs. Jen Nagel & Jane McBride, Jerry & Val Vagts, David Lester & Amalia Vagts, and other friends from Holden Village.

Kristen Gilje does commissioned work for churches and organizations all over the nation, teaches workshops and shorter classes in several places as well as privately in her home. She lives in the Bellingham, WA area.

You can read the process and see photographs by visiting Kristen’s blog here.