2013 Grant Recipient: Rev. David Eck

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COUPLES ENRICHMENT: Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, Fairview, NC: Rev. David Eck:  $2,000

Rev. David EckThis project grant will provide the starting money for LGBT Couples enrichment retreats. The program will offer 2 one-day retreats in 2013. The retreats will allow LGBT couples to come together for worship, Bible study, fellowship and relationship building. Rev. David Eck will lead portions of the retreat and it will serve couples in the Ashville, NC area.

“How will this ELM grant help you in your ministry?”

Pastor David: We are a small congregation with limited financial means.  This grant will help us to expand our ministry in a new and exciting way, becoming a more visible presence in the Asheville LGBT community. We became a Reconciling in Christ congregation earlier this year.  This project is the natural next step for us as a congregation that takes advantage of the gifts of the pastor and other church members we already have.

Pastor David hopes to develop a model for these kinds of retreats that can be shared with others across the country. The two day retreats are a chance to get their feet wet. Then they are setting their sights on an overnight retreat in 2014 and will go from there!

For more on ELM’s Ministry Grant program go to: https://www.elm.org/elm-grants/