2013 Grant Recipient: Rev. Matthew Bode

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Matt Bode
Rev. Matthew Bode

MISSION START: Spirit of Hope, Detroit, MI: Rev. Matthew Bode: $5,000

Rev. Matthew Bode will be expanding his duties from being the sole pastor at Spirit of Hope to being part of a team supporting five Detroit Lutheran churches. This will be a new multi-congregation parish. Spirit of Hope and its new partner congregations serve a diverse community across Detroit.  This grant will assist in Pastor Bode’s salary and allow him to serve as the only LGBTQ pastor in the five congregations.  Spirit of Hope has a long history as a congregation focused on social justice.

The funds provided by ELM will help Spirit of Hope maintain its ability to support a full time pastor in a community of lower income. As a full partner in the new parish, and as a full time clergy person, Pastor Bode has the opportunity to help the other four members of the partnership learn about and grow into being welcoming congregations to LGBTQ persons. Pastor Bode is a first time ELM Ministry Grant recipient. 

For more on ELM’s Ministry Grant program go to: https://www.elm.org/elm-grants/