Reaching 100…wait, make that 109!

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Proclaim Logoby Brenda Bos, Proclaim 

Seems like only a few weeks ago Proclaim was celebrating our 100th member.  And now we’re welcoming nine more wonderful people!

I’ve been thinking about the journey to becoming a Proclaim member. As I scan the names of those in the community, some are old friends; some are people I have yet to meet. Some are in ordained positions, in seminary, seeking calls. I realized every Proclaim member in my Synod, Southwest California, is in the middle of career transition. On the national level, we acknowledge some people have had a fairly easy process, with supportive congregations and families. Others have had to take a long walk through the desert to get to this point.

As I write those last sentences, I realize I could be talking about either part of our journey to Proclaim: the journey of coming out as an LGBT person, or the journey to ordained ministry! I think that’s the strength of the Proclaim community: we are people who have lived into vocation in a profound way. We bring the gifts of self-reflection that come with seeking ordination and with coming out. We have had to struggle with big questions of identity and what it means to be an authentic child of God. Hallelujah! We may experience setbacks or frustrations or great triumphs, but because of Proclaim, we are not alone in the journey.

I’m so thankful for these leaders and their ministry and so glad to welcome them to Proclaim!

Rev. Bruce Thorsen:  Lutheran Church of the Ressurection: Yardley, PA
Sean Raghailligh:  Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
Angel D. Marrero:  Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Rev. Darryl W. Kozak:  Interim Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, San Clemente, CA
Jay Berry: Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Jill Rode: Luther Seminary (Serving as Vicar at St. John United Lutheran Church in Seattle, WA)
Gretchen Colby: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (Serving as Vicar at Trinity Lutheran Church in Manhattan)
Peter Schattauer: Yale Divinity School
Joseph Graumann: Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettsburg 

This post was updated on 9/17/12 at 8:18 p.m. to reflect yet one more Proclaim member!