Asher O’Callaghan’s Workin essay

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Asher O'CallaghanBelow is a reflection written by 2012 Workin Scholar Asher O’Callaghan on the piece “Sermon for the Installation of the Rev. Jeff R. Johnson” by Joel R. Workin:

I was especially struck by Joel R. Workin’s sermon, “The Installation of Pastor Jeff Johnson”. In particular, the sermon helped me to identify two seemingly simple but thoroughly transformative expressions of the Gospel that have changed the course of my life: feet and the ground on which they stand, walk, and dance. Human feet. Like mine. Or yours. Or Christ’s. In my case, they feature frightening hairy toes which look freakishly akin to monkey-fingers. But in all cases they are somewhat embarrassing, often stinky, and are inescapably weird. So in many ways they’re a fitting expression of Church.

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