Lutherans Concerned/North America becomes ReconcilingWorks

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Lutherans Concerned/North America announced today that they have changed their name to ReconcilingWorks.  The organization also unveiled a new logo that includes the phrase:  “Lutherans for Full Participation.”

Their new website address is:

Their press release states the new name better reflects the organization’s “mission, values and goals of our organization, our movement, of Lutheranism, and Christianity”.  An in-depth statement was posted on their new website, giving more detail about the name change:

“The name that served us so well from our founding has become increasingly less descriptive of the ministry we have developed across time from the courageous beginning of the founders in 1974, through the beginnings of the RIC program in 1983, on to the addition of faith-based community organizing and training, leading to policy change and the response to the emerging issues of today.

ReconcilingWorks as a name describes us on several levels. First, reconciling really does work. Secondly, like waterworks or millworks, reconciliation is what we do.

We are reconciling Lutherans, working for full participation of everyone, as the logo connotes reading from top to bottom instead of left to right.”

We wish our long-time movement partner many blessings as they embark on their new journey as ReconcilingWorks.