2012 Grant Recipients: Rev. Megan Rohrer and Rev. Dawn Roginski

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Each year, ELM supports ministry by publicly identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer rostered leaders through the Grants program. We have provided over $850,000 in funding for ministry by LGBTQ leaders since 1990. This year we received $133,000 in grant requests but had only $62,000 to give. Go here to make a gift today to support our ministry. The grant recipients are selected by the Grants program, led by Margaret Moreland.

Today’s features recipient is Welcome and the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies Bay Area, CA: Rev. Megan Rohrer and Rev. Dawn Roginski, $9,000   

ELM’s grant will fund a ministry that serves LGBTQ homeless youth through empowerment and fostering leadership. This ministry will also bring attention to their issues and bring in people of faith to provide support to LGBTQ youth.  Specifically, the grant will allow Pastors Megan and Dawn to serve this vulnerable population and to encourage those with gifts for ministry to pursue seminary.