The Rev.Terry Hagensen

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Terry Hagensen
Rev. Terry Hagensen

“In my call to ministry, my relationship with the church is one of love, respect and forgiveness as I continue to be part of  the effort to bring full inclusion to God’s family and church.”

Terry and his partner Kevin Estenson have four kids and two grandkids. Terry is currently working for the medical business until he is received a call- then he hopes to return to full time ministry. Rev. Terry Hagensen was approved for reinstated to the ELCA clergy roster in 2010.

2 Replies to “The Rev.Terry Hagensen”

  1. Dear Terry: I remember well your sad phone call to me a few years ago when you were outed in your congregation and summarily dismissed. I am glad you hung in there to maintain both your integrity and your call to ministry. I hope your family has come around to support you and it is so good to learn of your reinstatement. God bless you!

    Jim DeLange, San Francisco
    Former board member for LLGM

  2. Hi Terry!

    So excited that they ELCA has sen its way toward receiving you and hopefully reconciliation!

    I have been praying for you since I met you at the ELM retreat at Spirit of the Desert. I am continue to pray as you look toward a call as well!


    Craig Minich

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