Candidacy, Community and Grants

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Our work has historically centered in three primary areas: candidacy, community and grants. These three areas remain our focus, with a new approach in some of these areas.

CANDIDACY: We will shift from our past work–providing an extraordinary candidacy process–to focus on candidacy support and accompaniment for publicly-identified LGBTQ person who are in Lutheran candidacy.  ELM is currently developing a volunteer-based network of accompaniment for LGBTQ people in Lutheran candidacy. ELM will provide resources, chaplain support, advocacy and referrals.

COMMUNITY: In the past, the ELM Roster has been ELM’s community of LGBTQ rostered leaders.  Now, we are launching a professional network of publicly-identified LGBTQ rostered leaders from multiple Lutheran rosters. These leaders are committed to changing the church and transforming society through their ministry as publicly-identified LGBTQ rostered leaders. ELM will hold an annual conference/retreat open to all, provide year-round online networking, and professional development opportunities, chaplain support, and visibility.

GRANTS: We will continue to provide mission partner grants and scholarships for publicly-identified LGBTQ people called to and serving as rostered leaders in the Lutheran church.