Mission Grants at work: Eco-Faith Recovery

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Rev. Robyn Hartwig

ELM has been supporting Rev. Robyn Hartwig’s EcoFaith Recovery in the Portland, OR area for the past two years with a Mission Partner grant. EcoFaith Recovery was launched in 2009 with the assistance of an ELM Mission Grant. Since then, the project has grown immensely. Part of that growth has been the development of a website to connect supporters and share information about the project.

Check out EcoFaith Recovery’s website here.

The program offers table talks, trainings and a number of workshops and interactive projects.

EcoFaith Recovery is:

EcoFaith Recovery

“A collaborative effort among Lutheran and other faith communities based in Portland, OR. EcoFaith Recovery develops and supports spiritual recovery from the addictive patterns of human life that contribute to the climate crisis, heighten social injustice, deprive people of spiritual meaning, and threaten life on earth. The means of fostering eco-spiritual recovery includes retreats, workshops, spiritual practices, institutional reform, and pilgrimages to reconnect with the natural world.”

Rev. Robyn Hartwig serves as the founder and part-time developer of EcoFaith Recovery. Check out EcoFaith Recovery’s blog here.

ELM Mission Partner grants fund ministry by publicly-identified LGBTQ rostered Lutheran leaders. Since 1995, ELM has given away over $750,000 to support congregations and ministries. ELM will give away over $60,000 in 2011 alone.