Response to the ELCA Report and Recommendation on Ministry Policies and the proposed Human Sexuality social statement

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Several years ago, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (acting then as our predecessor organizations) made a decision to remove ourselves from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s process to develop a sexuality statement. This decision was made because of the lack of substantive involvement of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the process and because of assumptions made in the process that same-sex intimacy is inherently sinful.

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries upholds people of all sexual orientations and gender identities as full partners in the promise and responsibility of baptism. Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries upholds the good news of the Gospel for all people. Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries rejects the belief that same-sex intimacy is inherently sinful. Similarly, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is no longer involved in the decision-making process surrounding the ELCA’s current ban on ordination of partnered gay clergy. Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is focused on our mission to expand ministry opportunities for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in Lutheran life and ministry.

We continue to maintain a structured credentialing and candidacy process; to work with congregations and ministries who wish to open their call process to our roster; and to provide financial support for these ministries. Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries celebrates and affirms the vibrant and life-changing ministry of Jesus Christ as shared by the pastors on the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries roster and the congregations and ministries they serve. Individual members of our roster and ELCA congregations served by Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries’ pastors may respond in their own ways to these statements from the ELCA. We celebrate and affirm their decision to do so.