ELM Grants

Each year, ELM supports ministry by publicly-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender rostered and queer leaders through our Grants program.  We have provided over $750,000 in funding for ministry by LGBT leaders since 1990.  ELM awarded $62,000 in Mission Partner Grants in 2011.  The grant recipients are selected by the Grants program, led by Margaret Moreland.

2011 Grant Recipients

ELM will give away $62,000 in 2011 to support ministry by LGBTQ rostered leaders. This year’s grant recipients are:

EcoFaith Recovery
EcoFaith Recovery

EcoFaith Recovery

Portland, OR: Rev. Robyn Hartwig $15,000

ELM continues to support this ministry that: “Develops and supports spiritual recovery from the addictive patterns of human life that contribute to the climate crisis, heighten social injustice, deprive people of spiritual meaning, and threaten life on earth.

The means of fostering eco-spiritual recovery includes retreats, workshops, spiritual practices, institutional reform, and pilgrimages to reconnect with the natural world.”- EcoFaith website

Chicago, IL: Rev. Erik Christensen $6,000

St. Luke’s continues to experience growth in membership and development. Outreach to the community for music & arts and healing & healthcare continues, along with partnering with neighborhood organizations.

Houston, Texas: Rev. Lura Groen $15,000

This urban congregation continues to grow and expand. One recent significant project is the development of Montrose Grace Place, whose mission is: “not to evangelize, convert, judge or shame, but to provide a safe, welcoming environment for vulnerable homeless youth of all sexualities and gender identities, providing nourishment, healthy relationships and hope for the future.”- Grace Lutheran Church website

Rev. Pieter Oberholzer (center)

South Africa: Rev. Pieter Oberholzer $8,000

This new grant will fund outreach to churches in southern Africa that are welcoming and affirming, where LGBTQ people can participate fully and be strengthened in their spiritual, psychological and sexual identity as human beings. IAM will host programs that support, empower and stimulate dialogue. Check out their new website (above).

Rev. Dan Hooper
Rev. Dan Hooper


Hollywood Lutheran Church

Los Angeles, CA: Rev. Dan Hooper (pictured left) $18,000

This new grant will provide pastoral, mental health and community services to prisoners, parolees, and those who are homeless. This grant will further develop ministry to marginalized populations.

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