ELM Blog Survey

Thank you for being an avid reader of the ELM Blog!
Did you know, over the past decade ELM has curated a weekly blog with 750+ blog posts?! Many unique queer & ally voices have shared their ministerial experiences, their Gospel truths, their life stories, their hearts & souls in the ELM Blog. We’re grateful for their courage & prophetic voice!
In February, ELM will take a break from the weekly blog as we attempt to gather the community’s perspectives on where the ELM Blog should go in 2021 and beyond. To collect this information we’re asking you to fill out this survey. The survey is estimated to take between 5-10 minutes to finish and includes an opportunity to leave your email if you would like to be contacted to write for the ELM Blog. 
Again, here is the survey.
Thank you for your continued support of queer ministry leadership and we look forward to your input!

Meet ELM’s new Operations Support staffer, Sharei Green!

ELM is thrilled to announce Sharei Green as our new Operations Support staff member. Sharei will support Olivia with Programs & with our Proclaim Community and she will process ELM donations with Lewis and help Amanda with administrative tasks! We are truly grateful for all the gifts that Sharei brings to our community.
Please join us and give Sharei a big warm ELM welcome when you can! 

My name is Sharei Green.  I use pronouns like she/her/hers. I am from Chicago, IL where I am a member of Bethel Lutheran Church and a Master of Divinity student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. I love reading/listening to books, everything anime, comic-book superheroes (mostly Marvel), fantasy, dungeons and dragons, etc. I’m a total nerd.
I don’t necessarily identify as a community organizer; I operate out of organizing principles. It influences the way I show up in community. I’m known for my willingness to speak against power when necessary (It’s almost always necessary). I love to help people to see and realize their vision. I’m a student of life and firmly believe that there is something to be learned from almost every situation. There is beauty in the sharing of knowledge and I just want to be a part of it. I have a strong commitment to community healing, especially in African Descent communities and exploring Sabbath/rest as a form of resistance. 
I’m Excited to work with ELM because: I feel called to be in the community and build power and relationships with like-minded folks.
I’m inspired by: The ingenuity of marginalized folks.
These two things bring me joy:  Making things (crafting, cooking, building, crocheting, etc.), Reading!
When I’m not working, you can find me:  Most likely at home with my nose in a book!

An Epiphany Haiku: Libby Howe

This Advent season members of the Proclaim community have graciously offered moments of reflection with Advent inspired haiku. We hope you take this time to reflect, wait, & prepare for what new life might lay ahead. Here is an Epiphany Haiku for you, the final of the series. Peace.
 *Image Description: a computer on desk with a haiku on the screen, with the words Artificial light, Masking Sadness and grief, but The baby is real. Haiku by Libby Howe.