Crisis Response

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Are you experiencing discrimination from your congregation or synod because of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression?

The ELM Crisis Response Team can offer you valuable advice and experience.

What to do:

Email the Crisis Response Team at (suggested subject “Pastor requests response from CRT” or similar). Messages will be returned within 24 hours. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call the main ELM number at 312-759-7070 (you do not need to leave details on the message, simply alert us that you have sent an email request and have not heard back). All information is treated as confidential.

Do not agree to any action or settlement. Tell your bishop that you need time to respond.

Contact our team to talk through your situation. We also will seek to connect you with other LGBTQ+ ministers for support.

You should be present at any meeting that the congregation or council conducts. You need to hear what is being said about you. Take a support person with you.

Keep these things in mind if the bishop wants to talk with you because of your sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Our crisis response team is here for you.