Getting Greener – Radio – Photos

Help Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Get Greener

“We are also called to be stewards of God’s creation, to live more sustainable, responsible lives with others in the world.”ELM Vision Document

Something about this holiday season and the way the letters E-L-M come together has got us thinking about trees and our commitment to be “stewards of God’s creation. As you read this, the latest newsletter of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries is on its way to your front door. Each newsletters was printed on paper and transported by plane and truck to your front door. If you are willing and able to recieve your newsletters via pdf delivered to your email, please let us know so we can be better stewards of our precious resources. You can also save paper for envelopes and checks by making your donations online. As we continue to work on becoming greener, we will let you know more ways you can help.

ELM Radio Feature:
Amalia Vagts Talks about Clergy Debt Relief
Listen to a short clip from an interview of ELM Development Director Amalia Vagts that aired on Decorah’s 100.5. Hear Amalia talk about the seminary debt costs for pastors who chose to be honest about their sexual orientation and gender identity. You will also hear some songs from the ELM Benefit Album, Out of the Extraordinary that seeks to raise awareness of the issue, with 100% of the proceeds to debt relief for ELM seminarians and roster members.

Photos from Chicago Posted Online
Jen Rude became the first pastor to be ordained in the newly formed Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM) and the first official challenge to the new ELCA policy of “Refrain and Restraint” that was passed at its biennial assembly August 6-11 in Chicago. View the photos …