Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries affirms & supports LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders and those pursuing a call to rostered leadership, while engaging allied congregations & ministries to proclaim God’s love and seek justice for all.

“But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us.”  – 2 Corinthians 4:7

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A Moment to Proclaim…

Click on the video to the right to get a glimpse of the 2014 Proclaim retreat for LGBTQ leaders. This year’s retreat is April 17-20, 2015 at Stony Point Retreat Center. Invite leaders! Or make a gift in support of an attendee. Click here to view in-depth profiles of Proclaim leaders. Proclaim, a program of ELM, is an active community of 175+ LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders, candidates for ministry, and seminarians. Our other programs are Candidacy Accompaniment and Ministry Engagement.


May 1-3 – ELM at Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly

May 6 – Deadline for 2015 Joel R. Workin Scholarship Applications (for LGBTQ Seminarians).

May 15-16 – ELM at Minneapolis Synod Assembly

May 17 – Twin Cities Proclaim Gathering

May 29-30 – ELM at Sierra Pacific and Metro Chicago Synod Assembly

May 31 – Ordination of Proclaim member Amanda Nelson (called to Faith Lutheran Church in East Hartford, CT)

June 24-27 – ELM at ELCA Campus Pastors’ Conference




Resources for the Church                                        

The following resources are shared for Congregations, Call Committees, Candidacy Committees, Internship Supervisors and Committees.

Internship and LGBTQ Individuals – A Resource for Supervisors and Committees

Treasure in Clay Jars – Stories of LGBTQ Leaders in the Lutheran Church  – A collection of stories and responses from LGBTQ leaders in the Lutheran Church on topics including coming out, discerning a call to ministry, being a public witness, and more.

Enrich & Transform: Welcoming LGBTQ Candidates into the Call Process   A guide for call committees considering the diverse gifts of candidates, including those who are LGBTQ.

Candidacy and LGBTQ Individuals  A resource for ELCA candidacy committees working with LGBTQ candidates.

Current Proclaim Members

Listing of Proclaim members.

Candidacy and LGBTQ individuals cover

Proclaim Pulpit Supply

See Proclaim members available to preach and preside in your area.

Resources for LGBTQ Candidates

Proclaim Seminarian Team – LGBTQ student reps at seminaries and divinity schools

ELM Seminary Advocates – faculty or staff members who serve as a liaison between ELM and their campus and as an ally and advocate for LGBTQ students

Mysteries of the Ages: ELM’s Unofficial Guide for LGBTQ Candidates (a work in progress, completed sections below)

First Call Guide for LGBTQ Candidates – A peer-to-peer resource for LGBTQ candidates navigating the end of the candidacy process through first call.

Internship (Interviewing and Placement) – a resource for LGBTQ interns

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Thinking About Coming Out?

Connect with people in Proclaim as you go through the coming out process as a rostered leader or seminarian.


BOOK:  “Dear God, I am Gay — thank you!”

Second Edition collection of essays and sermons by Joel Workin.  Amazing stuff!

VIDEO: 2014 Proclaim Retreat Video CLICK HERE 

A 2 minute video slideshow of the gathering.