Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries affirms & supports LGBTQ Lutheran rostered leaders and those pursuing a call to rostered leadership while engaging allied congregations & ministries to proclaim God’s love and seek justice for all

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Proclaim 2014 Retreat: Dreams & Visions


March 29, 2014 Ordination of Proclaim member Angela Joy Nelson,  at Augsburg Lutheran Church, Toledo, OH, March 29th at 1:00 pm.

March 30, 2014 Installation of Rev. Beate Chun, St. Francisco Lutheran Church in San Francisco, 3:00 pm. 

May 4 – 7, 2014 – Dreams & Visions: Proclaim Retreat- Heartwood Conference Center in Northern Wisconsin:  Read more about the retreat here.



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Listing of Proclaim members.

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Proclaim Pulpit Supply

See Proclaim members available to preach and preside in your area.

Candidacy and LGBTQ Individuals

A resource for ELCA candidacy committees working with LGBTQ individuals.

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Thinking About Coming Out?

Connect with people in Proclaim as you go through the coming out process as a rostered leader or seminarian.


BOOK:  “Dear God, I am Gay — thank you!”

Second Edition collection of essays and sermons by Joel Workin.  Amazing stuff!

2013 Retreat Group photoPHOTOS: 2013 Proclaim Retreat CLICK HERE 

View gorgeous & fun photos from the retreat.