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Kevin L. Strickland

  • Chicago, IL
  • he/him/his

Ministry setting

Assistant to the Presiding Bishop and Executive for Worship of the ELCA

What brings you joy in your ministry?

When I see the love that God intends for each, being shared and manifested in each of us, but also in all parts of the church.

Who inspires you in ministry or seminary?

I am inspired by many people. One who has always inspired me is my grandmother and always encouraged me.

What are your interests outside of ministry?

I like to read, travel with my husband, listen to show tunes, play the piano, and cook.

Best meal you've ever eaten?

Hmm! That is hard to answer. I would say the Red Inn in Provincetown, Mass. I had the duck and was best meal I think I have ever had,

Brief bio

Grew up in Lexington, SC. Graduated from Newberry College and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. Served eight years in South Carolina doing youth ministry. I served to parishes in TN before my current call at church wide. I am married to my husband, Robby Saner and we live in Chicago with our mostly adorable French Bulldog, Halsted.

Did you always want to be clergy?

I was told from a young child that I would make a “good” pastor. I always loved church and was intrigued by being a pastor. I originally thought I would be a college history professor. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college, that I knew for sure I wanted to serve the church as a pastor. I never had a burning bush experience. More like burning bushes.

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